“We used AquaRise on another retirement home, and it was much better than copper… our main reason for using it was installation speed.”

Joe Zarb — Pro-Tek Mechanical Inc.

  • Ease of installation & lightweight
  • SDR 11 and SDR 21 pipe wall thicknesses
  • Easy transitions
  • Code compliant
  • Project savings
  • Full system of pipe, valve and fittings

IPEX AquaRise® Hot and Cold Water Plumbing System Features

Your competitive advantage

Pipe, fittings, valves and solvent cements are all offered thus creating a complete, one-source piping system.
AquaRise material is generally resistant to most common external corrosion sources.
• SDR 11 Hot & Cold Potable Water Distribution Systems are available in 1/2" to 4" Iron Pipe Size (IPS) diameters. • SDR 21 Cold Potable Water Distribution System is available in 1-1/2" to 4" Iron Pipe Size (IPS) diameters.
AquaRise pipe is manufactured to Iron Pipe Size Outside Diameter (IPS OD) Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) dimensions. SDR 11 pipe is made in 10 ft. lengths and is available in nominal sizes ½” – 4”. SDR 21 pipe is made in 10 ft. lengths and is available in nominal sizes 1-½” – 4”. All sizes have the same pressure rating while providing larger inside diameters than most potable water systems.
AquaRise True Union Ball Valves are available in sizes ½” through 2”. For larger sizes, users may also choose to select from a range of IPEX Industrial Valves such as the VXE CPVC Ball Valve or FK Butterfly valve.
Lower thermal conductivity of plastic can eliminate the need for insulation.
AquaRise uses specially designed cements for optimum results including a One-Step Cement for size up to 2” and a Two-Step Cement (with Primer) for larger sizes. Proper applicators and instructions are provided with every can.

When compared to traditional materials, AquaRise is relatively lightweight offering efficiency in transport, handling and installation.
AquaRise pipe, fittings and solvent cements are certified to CSA B137.6 and applicable ASTM standards. All components are listed to NSF 61 for potable water applications.
With a Teal Blue colour code for pipe, fittings and valves, AquaRise SDR 11 and SDR 21 can be easily identified as a potable water piping system within buildings. The SDR 21 print line will feature COLD WATER/EAU FROIDE continuously written down the length of the pipe.
The AquaRise system offers Tees, Reducer Tees, Elbows, Couplings, Reducer Bushings, and Flanges. All AquaRise fittings are manufactured to SDR11 thickness and to strict IPEX tolerances to ensure a proper interference fit between pipe and fittings. For hot water lines, a Full-Pressure (FP) Flange Kit is available.
AquaRise is primarily joined by solvent welding which requires no special tools, open-fire torches or specialized training. Other joining methods for transitions include flanges and threaded connections.
Upon request, IPEX will train installers prior to a project on all aspects of installation including solvent welding, hanging, accommodating expansion, firestopping, transitions and local code issues.

CPVC Plumbing Case Studies

Hot and cold water plumbing system case studies.

Modern Pipe for Modern Living

Located in Kingston’s West End, Notting Hill is a brand new 8-storey condominium that offers elegant, inviting suites and the latest amenities. Designed with modern style and character throughout, the facility also offers the very latest water distribution system from IPEX — AquaRise.

Retirement Living Ready Faster

Each of the 100 suites offers a kitchenette and bathroom, and installing the potable hot and cold water distribution system was accomplished faster and cost effectively with the very latest from IPEX — AquaRise.

Reaping All the Benefits

Each of the luxury units features a washer and dryer area, state-of- the-art kitchen and elegant bathroom, all of which obtain water via the latest water distribution system from IPEX — AquaRise.

AquaRise Takes the LEED

Located in the Pierrefonds sector of the Pierrefonds/Roxboro borough area of Québec, a new police station was recently built with the environment in mind. The station, which will be gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, features a green roof and comprehensive energy saving systems and building materials from renewable sources.

Mosaic Stadium

From the beginning the owner was interested in the use of thermoplastic piping systems for drain, waste, and ventilation (DWV), potable water and chilled water lines, but research needed to be done. After looking at price and installation-time comparisons with copper and steel pipe, the most cost-effective choice with the quickest install time was thermoplastic pipe.

TOM Provides New Home for AquaRise® and System XFR®

Centrally located in downtown Montréal, close to the city’s financial district, the TOM (Tower of Montreal) Condo is a 40-storey development with 316 units. Ranging in size from 45 m2 to 250 m2. Suites are available with one, two or three bedrooms. With an indoor pool, gym, fitness studio and sauna, along with 24-hour security and concierge, the TOM Condo units offer residents a high level of luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked AquaRise® questions.

Yes, never use cements and primers older than the recommended shelf life. Cement - use before the expiry date or within 2 years of the manufacturing date stamped on the bottom of the can. Primer - use before the expiry date or within 3 years of the manufacturing date stamped on the bottom of the can.
AquaRise can easily accommodate expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature by the use of offsets, directional change, or expansion loops.
There are instances when AquaRise will not require insulation to prevent condensation, and others when insulation will be required. Factors are water temperature, relative humidity, air temperature and pipe size. Contact IPEX for details.
Only AquaRise SDR 11 which is available for Hot and Cold Potable Water piping applications shall be used for Hot Potable Water re-circulation lines.
There are numerous manufacturers of fire-stopping products listed for use with domestic water, CPVC plumbing pipes such as AquaRise. Consult IPEX for assistance or the firestop manufacturer directly for listed systems available for AquaRise.
No, for ½” to 2” diameters use only AquaRise One-Step solvent cement. For 2-½” to 4” diameters always use AquaRise primer with AquaRise Two-Step solvent cement.
Contact IPEX to arrange a training session before starting an installation. IPEX strongly recommends training for any new installation before proceeding with installation.
Initial SET schedule is the necessary time to allow before the joint can be carefully handled. Joint CURE schedule is the necessary time to allow before pressurizing the system.
A square cut provides the surface of the pipe with the maximum bonding area. Pipe can be easily cut with a wheel-type plastic tubing cutter, chop saw or fine toothed saw. Do not use reciprocating saws. Tools used to cut pipe must be designed for CPVC piping and must be in good condition in accordance with the tool manufacturer’s recommendations. If there is any indication of pipe damage or evidence of pipe end cracking, cut off at least 2 inches (50mm) beyond any visible crack. Use of ratchet cutters is not recommended as they may split the pipe if not properly used and maintained.
Designers and engineers are encouraged to contact their nearest IPEX Sales Office, or local representative for any further consultation or clarification. Call 1-866-473-9462


These resources have been developed to support the proper design and installation of an AquaRise® system.


AquaRise performance and technical characteristics.


This your reference guide to everything AquaRise. From system design, installation and testing, this manual will provide you with the information required to ensure a proper installation.


An informative visual representation of the AquaRise Solvent Welding process.


AquaRise product information to be communicated to workers on the job site. Print and display in several key locations.


A detailed inventory of our AquaRise product line.


A detailed step-by-step set of instructions of the AquaRise Solvent Welding process.


This document will provide you direction regarding the SET schedule (time to allow before the joint can be carefully handled) and the Joint CURE schedule (time to allow before pressurizing the system).


Your resource to a broad range of products for use in both combustible and noncombustible construction. From potable water distribution and DWV to Flue Gas Venting and Fire Protection, IPEX offers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions to meet the needs of engineers and contractors in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction.



These specifications are provided as a sample and include AquaRise® pipe, fittings, valves, and solvent cements.



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